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Music Monday 27/04/15

This Music Monday has a late ’60s, mid-’70s theme.  I don’t know how that happened – I didn’t plan it I assure you.  Whatever the cause, enjoy. The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane (1977) The quintessential song of excess and indulgence.  Listening to the the song now it is interesting to note how you find […]

Music Monday – 23/2/15

Everyone has extremely fond memories of the games they played as a child. It’s only when you go back to them as an adult that certain aspects…might not hold up, to put it lightly. To put it less lightly, the games we loved as bairns usually suck when you play them as an adult because […]


Anamanaguchi started in Pete Berkman’s basement in the suburbs of New York where Weezer, snacks and Super Nintendo lived in equal rotation. At 15, he began experimenting with creating punk music using an 8-bit NES. Following bass player James DeVito to NYU’s Music Technology program, Pete met Ary Warnaar who grew up in LA on […]

Review: AFI – Burials

When a band starts their career with albums containing songs titled “Cereal Wars”, “Shatty Fatmas” and “I Wanna Get a Mohawk (But My Mom Won’t Let Me Get One)” and progresses to having song titles such as “Girl’s Not Grey”, “Days of the Phoenix”, “Kill Caustic” and “Carcinogen Crush”, you know the band’s undergone some […]


Out: April 13, 2013 According to the many and various sites you can find out about the band from, This Other Kingdom are a group who “fuse together space rock with elements of Indie, Neo Psychedelia, Post Punk and Shoegaze.” This raises many more questions than it answers for punters interested in checking out the […]