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Elhoffer Design – Must Have It

When it comes to clothing, well I’ve gotta say that my eye is usually drawn to geeky themed items but I’ve found that at times the clothing is usually limited to t-shirts or dresses with one print slammed on the front. Whereas Elhoffer Design has come out on the scene and has proven that geeky […]

Video: Path of a Lightsaber

With The Force Awakens coming out officially in the USA in digital copy on April 1st, and on Bluray/ DVD on April 5th, we thought a little reminder of what makes this movie so special to fans was in order. “Path of a Lightsaber” is a beautifully fan-edited video that shows the path Luke’s lightsaber has […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens As An Anime

To be fair the entire Star Wars concept would rather comfortably in the medium of Anime! Super powered sword masters, intergalactic politics, war, massive ships and more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie about pasta! One fan decided to see just what The Force Awakens would look like if it was edited for an Anime opening sequence instead […]

Star Wars 7.5 By Stephen Byrne

Yeah that Stephen Byrne! The guy who made that awesome animated Doctor Who and who illustrated some of the Dark Horse Comics Serenity for Free Comic Book Day this year! He’s back and this time he’s telling his own Star Wars story featuring Rey, Poe and Finn as well as BB-8 and a shocking encounter with the real villain […]