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Preacher S02E05 ‘Dallas’ Review

Spoilers ahead! One major reason why these reviews have been so delayed is this episode. It’s been weeks and I’m not sure what to make of it yet. I’m struggling to find my words because I didn’t care much for it. Season one could be very slow, but this episode is painstakingly so. It’s season […]

Preacher S02E04 ‘Viktor’ Review

Hi people! Sorry for the delay in this review, the last two weeks have been hectic and I couldn’t find time to sit down and write this review until now. In fact I’ve fallen a bit behind with this reviewing business (real life got in the way in a spectacular fashion) so it’s time to […]

Gabriel DropOut – Otaku Review

From Heaven to Earth Pulled from the 2017 anime winter season we;re checking out Gabriel DropOut. I do not know about you but especially during the summer I prefer a more laid back series. Nothing too intense but not boring either. A series that you can just kick back and watch almost passively.   For […]

Green Lantern (2011) – Screen Savers

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight; Especially This Movie When it comes to members of the Justice League that I’m knowledgeable about, Green Lantern is somewhere between Elongated Man and the guy who works in the canteen. Green Lanterns whether it’s Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, Alan Scott or Guy Gardner really never caught my attention. […]