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Manticore Galaxy On Fire Review

Switch Flight Sim Mode I can’t tell you the last time I played a flight simulator or even a game where the main point is controlling a vehicle. There’s a reason I don’t have my driver’s license in real life! And there’s a reason I don’t enter Mario Kart tournaments; I make for a terrible […]

The Lodgers Review

In this new Irish gothic horror, The Lodgers explores family secrets, unwanted legacy and what lurks outside your bedroom door at night. Directed by Brian O’Malley, a seasoned horror director who is known for Let Us Prey (2014) and written by newcomer David Turpin, this film is the perfect combination of spooky tension and engaging […]

Made In Abyss – Otaku Review

Made in Abyss メイドインアビス made it’s debut in the second half of 2017. Based on the ongoing 2012 manga series by Akihito Tsukushi, a sequel is already in production but I’m jumping the gun. The 13 episode anime series is produced by Kinema Citrus. If that doesn’t give you an indication of what to expect here then allow […]

The Walking Dead S8 E1 ‘Mercy’ Review

No Pressure Season eight of The Walking Dead is undoubtedly going to be one of the show’s most important installations. After starting on a promising note with the introduction of the pivotal villain – Negan – season seven ultimately ended up being a dud. The season progressed into a largely uninteresting game of cat and […]

Preacher S02E06 ‘Sokosha’ Review

Well, this was something else. We’ve gone from the worst episode of the show to the best episode! Sure, I was a bit confused when the episode started, but it all fit together in the end. “I started having second thoughts, and then second thoughts about the second thoughts.” When this episode began I actually […]