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Digital Phobias – Video Game Nightmares

This morning I posed a question on The Arcade’s Facebook page: ‘What scares you while playing a game?’ Not everyone was forthcoming with their fears, though I probably shouldn’t have asked the question at 8:30am! I can’t be the only person who is constantly thinking of their very real and perfectly logical and rational fears […]

Resident Evil Producers Confirm Next Project

No, don’t get your hopes up because we’re not getting a new title! The team over at Resident Evil are so pleased with the remastered version of the first game that now they’re tackling another title from the franchise. In a special video message featuring the producer of Resident Evil HD remastered, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi introduces his colleagues, director Koji […]

Boss Rush: The Undead

These aren’t shuffling masses of decomposing flesh! These aren’t slow nor or they weak, they don’t act in a herd capacity, these are the worst of the worst. We’ve become obsessed with the undead, zombies, the walking dead, whatever you want to call them, living death and the beings it inhabits fascinate and frighten us […]

KnockOut: Resident Divas

Every fortnight two contenders step in to the Arcade arena but only one walks away a champion as decided by you! We pick the fighters! You pick the winners! First up in honor of the recent Resident Evil HD Remaster breaking Capcom sales records and the upcoming episodic title Resident Evil: Revelations 2, we’ve decided […]

Resident Evil Remastered Claims Top Spots

Late last month, a remastered HD Resident Evil was released on the PlayStation store and in it’s short time, it managed to beat out some stiff competition to claim the top selling spot for the month on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The 19 year old title received a makeover from it’s developers and […]

Music Monday 15/12/2014 Who is Carol?!

Tis the Season to cram the airwaves with crooning bleeding hearts, nostalgia, slurred lines and festive one liners! Bah bloody humbug! There’s only one song about Christmas that I actually like and it’s ‘Fairytale of New York’ because nothing says Christmas like being crude and slightly offensive! So in the spirit of sticking it to traditional […]

VIZ Media Unleash Resident Evil Manga

As part of the annual Halloween Comicfest VIZ Media are giving fans a sneak peak for free of its upcoming RESIDENT EVIL: THE MARHAWA DESIRE manga series. Ever wanted to know the source of the deadly C-Virus and where the outbreak originated? The series opens in the illustrious and elitist Marhawa Academy in Singapore where […]

Resident Evil TV Series In The Works

German production house Constantin Film are ramping up their production work and expanding into television series spin-offs of the Resident Evil and Mortal Instruments movies. The news, first reported by Variety came at the launch of another Constantin series, exec board chairman Martin Moszkowicz said: “We are moving rapidly… Constantin has a lot of feature film brands […]