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Holy Promotional Release Batman!

The groovy caped crusader and his boy wonder look set to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD this year. The Classic Batman (1966) series will be available in high definition quality for the very first time this November. It will feature all 120 episodes remastered and will include special features that have currently yet to be […]

Terraria comes to PS4 and Xbox One

 The popular 2D sidescolling building, combat game Terraria will be making its way onto current gen consoles, as its coming to PS4 and Xbox One soon. If you don’t know what Terraria is yet you must be living under a rock, but its a title where you build, mine and kill monsters in order to […]

Weekly Recap 24/11/13

Is it Sunday already? Well that means it’s time for the weekly recap of all the biggest news in gaming. This week was the launch of the Xbox One and the start of another console war, and its only been out for a day, but has sold one million consoles across 13 markets. just remember its a […]