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Screen Savers: The Notebook

Listen you’re going to have to watch this at some point in your life! Suck it up and deal with it! I did! And I’m a whole lot better for doing so! So grab that Ryan Gosling band-aid and rip it off, don’t peel, just rip! This is ‘Screensavers; and I’m watching The Notebook. F*ck Valentine’s’Day! What’s it […]

Review: Spotlight

The beating heart of Spotlight‘s tragedy is one that will ring home to anyone familiar with Irish history. The original story, which ran in January 2002, was the tearing open of a systematic wound in which Catholic priests had both abused and knowingly covered up the abuse of children across the city of Boston. A […]

Rachel McAdams Confirmed For Doctor Strange Movie

Collider has confirmed that in Marvel’s movie adaptation of Doctor Strange Rachel McAdams will star opposite Benedict Cumberbatch. Dave Trumbore writes “Currently, we don’t have any information as to what McAdams’ role is exactly, but conventional wisdom tells us that she might be playing the love interest for Cumberbatch’s Dr. Stephen Strange.” Such a role is similar to […]