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Boss Rush: Zowie's Forces (Gitaroo Man)

Most of the games I played in my childhood seemed to be quite, well, odd. Having an unhealthy obsession with the Warioware series and Little King’s Story were most likely the reasons why my later gaming years were occupied with the weird indie games I have grown to love. Today’s game is no different, as […]

Happy Birthday PlayStation 2

March 4th 2000 Sony dropped the PlayStation 2 on the world and while a few were apprehensive about the change, the console quickly proved it was more than capable of matching and surpassing it’s predecessor! While production of the PS2 has ceased since January 4th 2013, gamers all over the world will today celebrate the console’s […]

Boss Rush – Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

Lets start with a pitch. Picture this; six super powered terrorists are standing in front of you. Each of them wielding an aspect of “psychic” energy unique to themselves. Their strange mind altering powers are used to corrupt the innocent and reign down tyranny on the common folk for personal gain. The only one standing […]

New Persona 3 Movie trailer

The newest trailer for Persona 3 The Movie:#1 Spring of Birth has been released by Aniplex and its looking pretty damn good. Fans of the series will recognise all the characters they have grown to love including Yukari and Akihiko along with all the other beloved characters. The film is currently a Japanese only release but […]