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Jak And Daxter Are Coming To PS4

Need your fix of the classic PlayStation 2 duo? Well it has been announced that Jak and Daxter are coming to PS4! The Naughty Dog developed platformers of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 are releasing later this year on PlayStation 4 as part of the PS2 Classics range. Explore strange new […]

Canis Canem Edit – Replay

Rockstar Games have been responsible for many classic open world games since they first opened their doors back in 1998. Grand Theft Auto III gave players one of gamings first fully realised sandboxes, coupled with a level of freedom never before scene in a third person action game. This formula was further refined in Grand […]

First 4 Figures Reveal New Okami Figure

Fans of the cult classic action adventure game Okami are being treated this week, as First 4 Figures have announced their latest figure – Amaterasu and Issun. The figure is a 1/4 scale representation of the iconic wolf, standing at 12 inches tall, posing on top of a 17.5 inches long base. First 4 Figures are […]

Replay: Def Jam: Fight For NY

“A beaten dog may fear you, but the second you turn your back he’s gonna strike. Real power comes from respect. That’s what our code is all about.” -Chris Judge as D-Mob A particular Music Monday from a few week’s back inspired me to play Def Jam: Fight for NY again. I remember getting it […]

RePlay: Star Wars Battlefront Series

If you counted yourself among the nine million players of DICE’s Battlefront Beta last month, you’re probably more than familiar with the original series of games from two gaming generations past. The idea behind these Replay pieces is to let readers know what it is we writers love and why time hasn’t tarnished them. Lucasarts’ […]

RePlay: Legacy of Kain Series

In all my years of gameplay, never has a series of games pushed the edges of my sanity quite like the five games in the Legacy of Kain series. You might wonder why I chose to do this piece in bulk; why not pick one of them? If you’ve ever played them, you’d know that […]

Boss Rush: Zowie’s Forces (Gitaroo Man)

Most of the games I played in my childhood seemed to be quite, well, odd. Having an unhealthy obsession with the Warioware series and Little King’s Story were most likely the reasons why my later gaming years were occupied with the weird indie games I have grown to love. Today’s game is no different, as […]