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Forgotten Childhood: Future Cop LAPD

Growing up I was never a kid who swore allegiance to any platform. I had my PlayStation, I played SNES and Mega Drive games at relative’s houses and my dad owned a PC. For the computer we pretty much picked up anything my brother or dad thought looked cool and from there it was how […]

RePlay: Legacy of Kain Series

In all my years of gameplay, never has a series of games pushed the edges of my sanity quite like the five games in the Legacy of Kain series. You might wonder why I chose to do this piece in bulk; why not pick one of them? If you’ve ever played them, you’d know that […]

RePlay: Speed Freaks

Most of you guys probably don’t remember this game, but I spent months non-stop playing it until I completed every track and unlocked every character. It was originally released on the PS1 and, although I generally hate car games, Speed Freaks is an exception. This game was released way back in the nineties and wasn’t a […]

Boss Rush – Beyond The Beyond (PS1)

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me.. a badly made.. and clunky RPG! Many moons ago on the most festive month of the year, I received a gift from my relatives that they had placed underneath our x-mas tree. They were well intended people, but not the greatest at identifying […]

Boss Rush – Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

While we’ve covered some of the horror stalwarts in gaming, from the mighty Resident Evil, to the underrated Parasite Eve to the frankly impossible Dino Crisis, there is one series that is head and shoulders above the rest – the indomitable Silent Hill. The psychological, small-town horror series has provided some of the most fiendishly […]

Boss Rush – Dino Crisis (PS1)

The survival horror genre is notoriously pegged into one of two types based on its content.  Tactical use of what can be referred to as “the jump scare” pencils most action centric survival horror games into a fast paced style of gameplay that offers variety in its quick thrills. The alternative category in this particular […]

Boss Rush – Parasite Eve (PS1)

Our third week edition of Boss Rush enters us into our month of Halloween specials. Its time to avert our prying eyes from cartoonish maliciousness and cast our gaze upon some of the most macabre of figures throughout gaming history. Gamers of the night hold your blanket tight! We’re delving into the era of “survival […]