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New Alien: Covenant Behind The Scenes Info

Yet again the Sci-Fi gods have decided to give us some more information on the upcoming Ridley Scott movie, Alien: Covenant, a follow up to his 2012 Alien prequel, Prometheus. The highly anticipated prequel sequel stars Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Danny McBride. We have recently found out that McBride will be playing the pilot of the colonisation ship Covenant. The Alien […]

Benedict Wong Joins Doctor Strange Cast

The Hollywood Report have confirmed that Benedict Wong will be joining the cast of Doctor Strange. Wong may be recognizable to viewers as Kublai Khan in Netflix series Marco Polo, Bruce Ng in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster The Martian or as pilots Chance and Ravel in Prometheus.  Wong will be playing Stephen Strange’s sidekick and confidant (who is […]

Prometheus 2 Gets New Alien

Ridley Scott has shed some light on the sequel to the somewhat controversial (I loved it) Prometheus. In an interview with The Australian, Scott has squashed earlier statements made by actress Noomi Rapace about the script and themes of the movie, viewers would meet the God and the Devil that’s not the case according to Scott […]

Review: Prometheus

It is time once more to go back to the world Ridley Scott created in the late 70's but we're not talking about a sequel or even a prequel. This is something new, set in something old! Prometheus is up for review at the Arcade, are we looking at the future of sci-fi or just a cgi rehash? Let's find out!