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Top 5 Baddest Females

This week saw the glorious celebration of International Women’s Day. A day used for celebrating the greatest accomplishments of the fairer sex. However, while we celebrate the fantastic achievements of real life female heroes, let us not forget the fictional ones that inspired some of us to achieve greater things. From the world of movies, […]

5 Most Badass Female Screen Characters

Nerd Culture has become a lot bigger in recent years, and most of this can be attributed to the popularity of the superhero movies that have dominated the silver screen. Nerd culture is more than just superheroes, however; it includes games, anime, TV shows, books and comics. With great content comes great responsibility, and this responsibility […]

Girl Power – Geeky Goodies

“A girl can do what she wants to do” – Joan Jett, Bad Reputation I think it’s safe to say that some of the most badass and lovable characters in the geek world are female. From cartoons to blockbuster movies, we are blessed with beautiful girls that grace our lives. Whether they are a member […]

Star Wars Auction Makes Over $500,000

  Over the weekend there was an auction held on a collection of Star Wars figures and collectibles that sold for over $502,202. The auction was titled “Return of the NIGO” after the Japanese designer who owned the collection, which was held at Sotheby’s auction house site, included a Darth Vader helmet, a Luke Skywalker […]

Star Wars Saga In 3 Minutes

Not a single moment goes by lately where you don’t hear something about Star Wars; themed cinemas, themed cereal, images, spots, updates and so on… And with less than two weeks to come until the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it still comes as a shock to us fans that people haven’t seen […]