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Preacher S1EP7 ‘He Gone’ Review

Oh dear… I’m more stumped with each episode of Preacher that goes by. This episode was confusing, but we got some explanations about things from the past and a glimpse of things to come. And it looks like the endgame will be quite messy. “Till the end of the world.” We’ve had several episodes without […]

Preacher S1 Ep 4 ‘Monster Swamp’

Last week Sheriff Root defined Annville as a Monster Swamp, which is this episode’s title. Anville has a literal monster in Cassidy, and you have those weirdos who might be angels, but the real people are the monsters here. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen them being despicable, and this week is no different. […]

Preacher S1 Ep 3 ‘The Possibilities’

I’m going to assume this will be a common reocurrence when it comes to Preacher, as last week’s opening scene had me thinking “Are they doing what I think they’re doing?!” and the answer in that case was “So it seems, so enjoy the ride”. And while this week’s scene wasn’t doing that for me […]

Preacher S1 Ep 2 ‘See’ – Review

Last week we didn’t have a Preacher episode, AMC decided instead to show the first episode again and also to stream it live on Facebook. While I understand what might have led to that decision I can’t really say I liked that they did that. The pilot left me wanting more and it’s already more […]

Preacher S1 Ep 1 ‘Pilot’ Review

Back in 2011 I came to Ireland for the first time to do an Erasmus. One of the very first things I remember doing was walking into the local comic book store and seeing that they the whole run of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon‘s Preacher available. I started to buy them regularly until I […]

AMC Release First 4 Minutes Of Preacher

AMC is premiering Preacher this Sunday and the gears of promotion are already grinding. The first detailed reviews have started to appear and two days ago AMC released the first 4 minutes on the show on Snapchat, through the Discovery feature. Sadly, when I heard about it I couldn’t find it. Turns out its time […]