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Titanfall 2 Review – We Dig Giant Robots!

Titanfall 2 is the successor to the at one time over-hyped, and now overlooked, Titanfall. While the original was critically well reviewed, it never quite caught on with the masses. The gameplay was solid, the maps were well designed, the controls were extremely responsive. Surely a game with all these great features (And giant robots to boot) […]

New Lego Dimensions Trailer Reveals Scooby-Doo

The Lego games have been known for their fourth wall breaking humour and classic references, but Traveller’s Tales’s latest entry into the series, Lego Dimensions, is taking things to a new level. The game features a multiverse story, following classic characters from franchises like Batman, Lord of the Rings and now Scooby-Doo. Yes that’s right, […]

Banjo Guy Ollie – Still Alive, Portal

I’ve got to admit I’ve been waiting on this cover for a long time and Banjo Guy Ollie does not disappoint with his rendition of one of the most beloved video game music tracks ever – ‘Still Alive‘ from the first Portal game. Released in 2007 by Valve Corporation, Portal was attached to a collection […]

We Are More Than Our Joysticks

This year, more so than ever before, the topic of gender roles in gaming has been on the tip of everyones tongue. Anyone who closely follows any gaming blogs will no doubt be aware of this and if statistics are any indication, they’ll probably be unjustifiably outraged by it. So vocal have the equality detractors […]