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Meow! Catwoman Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes we look at certain characters and their amazing costumes and want to wear that very costume right there and then! And most of the time… well, we haven’t got the materials to make the costume we’re salivating over. But sometimes we’ve got the make up to have a little bit of fun with! So […]

NYX Face Awards Top 10 Featuring Our PompBerry

As some of you may or may not know, NYX cosmetics have been running a pretty huge competition for make-up artists over the last number of years; the NYX Face Awards. This year’s Ireland and UK competition has reached the final Top 10 talented competitors and our very own PompBerry is one of them. Please feel free to look back on the Style Saturdays she’s […]

Style Saturday: Squid Ink

If you’ve racked up so many hours playing Splatoon that you’ve been able to completely bling out your Inkling and want to just cover yourself with paint, then these might be the style tips for you. Inkling One of the latest trends in the editorial beauty world is ‘drippy’ lip art. A photo posted by Vlada Haggerty […]

YouTuber of the Week: PompBerry

So YouTuber of the Week has fallen along the wayside while ArcadeCon was under-way but we’re back now to go through some amazing YouTubers. And what better YouTuber to start with than an incredibly talented artist, make-up artist and cosplayer: Pompberry (Fernanda Muchado),  a Brazilian Cosplayer, based in Ireland. Starting in 2007 cosplaying as Death from Sandman […]