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Ben Lovely Time Pixel Art – Gallery

Hey Kid, you like Pixel Art? Sure you do. You’re on the internet. This is a vertical slice of Ben Bates‘ portfolio. He does pop-culture, public figures, video game art, and his own head. I can work with words, but this guy is damn handy with little different coloured squares. Check out his stuff below: […]

The Simpsons Pixels

This pixelated tribute of The Simpsons comes from the brains of Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon and features a variation on the classic theme by Jeremy Dower. Now of the three Paul Robertson might sound the most familiar having worked on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as an animator, it’s clear from the video […]

At A Glance: Shovel Knight

Welcome to “At a Glance” where first impressions mean everything!. Ladies, gentlemen and garden equipment wielding warriors, I present to you; Shovel Knight. I’ve looked at quite a few Kickstarter games over the course of this series, many of which promised a new take on old school experiences. While many people scoff at the idea […]