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A New Friend Joins Toy Story 4

In the latest trailer for our favourite bunch of toys, we get to meet the newest edition to the Toy Story gang – Forky. Latest owner Bonnie, who we met at the end of Toy Story 3, creates Forky in school. Woody introduces him to the rest of the group, where Forky begins to doubt […]

Toy Story 4 Release Date Announced

Reach for the sky! The release date for Toy Story 4 has finally been released! Toy Story was the first feature length animated released back in 1995. It had a successful sequel with Toy Story 2 in 1999 and the third movie, titled Toy Story 3, capped off the trilogy beautifully in 2010. Although the […]

Sh*t Just Got Real – EwTube

More often than not, my favourite part of a movie is where reality dawns on either the characters, the audience or both. This involves a complete shift in tone, an emotional interlude or a reminder of just how things are in their world. When done well, they perfectly blend both story and character development. Here are […]

Finding Dory Review

It’s finally here! After 13 long years, Finding Dory has hit theatres and now I’m going to tell you about it. Pixar has a mixed history with sequels; from the truly beautiful Toy Story sequels to the poor mess that was Cars 2, and the lukewarm Monsters University in between, this is a movie that […]

Finding Dory Is 2016’s Highest Grossing Film

Pixar’s Finding Nemo has a place in every person’s heart, particularly those who were fans since its initial release. News of its subsequent sequel almost thirteen years later had many fans jumping with excitement as we can revisit a childhood favourite! Because of this, I suppose it comes as no surprise people have been flocking to cinemas […]