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Pokémon- Saturday Morning Cartoons

You’ve been busy successfully adult-ing all week, so now it’s time to chill out, watch something easy and fun. Unless you enjoy being up early, the good news is that now in the age of Netflix, Sky+ and online streaming you no longer need to get up super early to enjoy cartoon greats. With just […]

Pokemon GO – Geeky Goodies

Pokemon GO is the new craze taking over the world these past few weeks. The game allows you to hunt for pokemon on your smartphone using GPS. It has an augmented reality function that allows you to see the creatures on your screen as if they were on the ground in front of you. The game […]

Terribly Terrific Tattoos

Wearing t-shirts and buying merch is fine, but there’s no better way of showing your commitment to your fandoms than on your actual skin. Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s definitely an artist out there to make your ink dreams come true! Laura Annunaki The creator of possibly the most squee-inducing tattoos […]

Top 5 Precious Plush Pals

Not quite ready to get out of bed yet? Quite understandable, it is Saturday morning after all! So snuggle up tightly to some of these fluffy friends and grab some extra Zs. Calcifer  Don’t let Calcifer get you hot headed (get it?) while preparing your breakfast. Instead, hug tight this plush version of possibly the world’s […]