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Patrick Stewart Will Not Return To X-Men

It has been one of those classic, ‘will he, won’t he’ moments for the last few months. Now the veteran X-Men actor Patrick Stewart has confirmed he’s finished with the series. Stewart has been playing Professor Charles Xavier for 17 years. In an interview with Kernels podcast, the actor opened up about the role and […]

Patrick Stewart Open To More X-Men Films

Patrick Stewart is a true titan of the science fiction genre. Whether it’s as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, or as Professor Charles Xavier in Brian Singer‘s X-Men franchise, Patrick Stewart has made himself a fixture in the hearts and minds of everyone who is a part of geek culture. Despite […]

Has X-23 Been Confirmed For Logan?

Plenty of infromation has been teased and released for Logan, the third Wolverine film, but has X-23 been confirmed by the filmmakers? The possible reveal comes from the official Instagram page where they post a picture of actress Dafne Keen with the caption “Laura”. Laura A post shared by @ wponx on Oct 23, 2016 at 7:23am PDT Why is […]

Green Room Review

Though hardly comedic, 2013’s Blue Ruin managed to make a lot of noise for itself by being one of the darkest thrillers in recent memory that still managed to retain a sadistic sense of humour about itself. For his second effort, writer and director Jeremy Saulnier has moved up the rainbow with Green Room, a […]