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John Boyega Cast In Pacific Rim Sequel

After it was pulled out of development hell (with Guillermo del Toro producing and Steven S. DeKnight directing) things seem to be going right on track for the sequel to Pacific Rim. Filming is due to begin late in the year and right now a huge bomb has been dropped on us: John Boyega will […]

Pacific Rim 2 To Begin Shooting Soon

As he finishes work on Crimson Peak, director Guillermo del Toro told Yahoo that he will begin shooting the long awaited sequel to Pacific Rim later this year. The movie is set to focus more on the Kaiju, picking up a few years after the last film left off. Shooting begins in November. At The […]

Pacific Rim 2 Delayed until August 2017

Pacific Rim fans please do not shoot the messenger but Universal announced Thursday the 23rd of April that the Pacific Rim 2 release date has been pushed back to August 4th 2017 after the initial intent by the studio to release the Guillermo Del Toro live-action Pacific Rim sequel on the 7th of April 2017. […]

Pacific Rim 2 Confirmed, Gets Release Date

Pacific Rim, the robot vs. kaiju blockbuster from last year, set somewhat of a standard for CGI-action films. With its huge set pieces and penchant for interesting robot and monster designs, audiences around the globe were left incredibly satisfied, despite the somewhat disappointing sales figures. However, finally Guillermo Del Toro, the visionary filmmaker who spear-headed […]