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Once Upon A Time Cancelled

After seven long seasons and almost 150 episodes, the once-popular Once Upon A Time has been cancelled. ABC confirmed the cancellation and has said that the final episode will air in May. President of ABC Studios, Patrick Moran, said: “Once Upon a Time has been an amazing journey for all of us at ABC Studios and for […]

Fictional Feelings: Mary’s Men

Valentine’s Day is edging closer and that means either spending an obscene amount of money on your significant other to make them happy, or spending an even more obscene amount of time lying around your room fantasising about fictional characters. To be fair, the latter is cheaper. And generally more satisfying. I, like other staff […]

Shout Out: Storybrooke, We Are Both

Storybrooke has awoken from its curse of twenty-eight years and now that everyone remembers what was done to them by the Evil Queen, there are more than a few who would see her head on a spike. But this our World and here, the rules are different. With dark magic now at the hands of […]