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7 School-Day Crazes We Miss

Alright, so your school probably wasn’t as grand as Hogwarts. Or as fun. What with the uniforms. Exams. Homework. There’s several reasons not to ever want to enter those dark halls again. There was good times too though. It was in these years that we became book-reading, game-playing, show-watching, con-going awesome people. Cast your mind […]

Retro Pop Box Review

We’re a big fan of subscription boxes here at The Arcade (some of us have crossed the realm from ‘fan’ to ‘obsessed’ but I digress) and we recently received a box called Retro Pop Box. As to what it is and what it offers, the clue is in the name. It’s a box filled with […]

Forgotten Childhood: Labyrinth

Given the recent loss of David Bowie it only seemed fair to sit down on Sunday, duvet in hand and throw on Labyrinth. Released in 1986 this fantasy musical directed by Jim Henson and George Lucas, starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly is exactly what you would expect when these minds, along with Brian Froud as the conceptual designer, come […]

Forgotten Childhood: The Emperor’s New Groove

Let’s begin with a shocker. The Emperor’s New Groove was made in 2000. Before you continue reading, feel free to take a minute to get your head around that! The film marries fairy tale narrative with late ’90s humour; voice recordings would have started in 1998. This includes the frequent breaking of the fourth wall and […]