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Hocus Pocus Funko Pops Are Coming

The Sanderson sisters first graced us with their presence in 1993 when Hocus Pocus was released. And while the film wasn’t a box office hit back in the day it became a cult movie. Especially when it’s Halloween. And now, 25 years later the Sanderson sisters are back. In Funko Pop form! But that’s not […]

Pokémon- Saturday Morning Cartoons

You’ve been busy successfully adult-ing all week, so now it’s time to chill out, watch something easy and fun. Unless you enjoy being up early, the good news is that now in the age of Netflix, Sky+ and online streaming you no longer need to get up super early to enjoy cartoon greats. With just […]

MMMbop – Hanson – Track Of The Day

Did you know that Hanson are labelled as a pop rock band? Because I didn’t! I always sort of assumed they were pure sugary pop goodness! In fact I’d consider myself more rock than these guys! All of that aside though ‘MMMbop’ is one of those feel good childhood anthems. It’s the kind of song that sums […]

Growing Up Geek – Essay

I wouldn’t say I grew up in the geekiest house. I didn’t grow up in a city either! I grew up in rural Ireland, in the west of Limerick. My parents and five brothers all had and have for the most part their own interests. So I’ve always wondered; how I ended up growing up […]

Chrono Trigger – Forgotten Childhood

Recently I’ve been craving an old-school Japanese role-playing game. I’m not completely sure why this crippling addiction has resurfaced or why my usual methadone of reminding myself that they’re all like 50 hours long has failed me, but here we are. I immediately turned to the final fantasy series, a sequence of games which held my […]