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Screen Savers: The Last Airbender

  Remind me never to ask you people to pick a movie for me to watch/suffer through! Up this week for ‘Screen Savers’ I’ve had the pleasure nightmarish hell of sitting through The Last Airbender because apparently you wonderful readers hate me! ___________________________________ Long ago the Avatar series was beloved and sacred. Then everything changed when M. Night […]

Invader Zim Comic Coming July

“Doom is coming!” professed an ominous tweet from Oni Press a few days ago, and now doom is here. Well, not really, but a continuation of the much-loved Invader Zim is though! It’s official: Oni Press is partnering with @JhonenV & @NickelodeonTV for an original #InvaderZim comic, coming July! pic.twitter.com/F5vAbXZANA — Oni Press (@OniPress) February […]

Legend of Korra Gameplay Footage

There’s been so much movie and comic news from SDCC, but I’m here to show off my favourite game news from the weekend! After the news that Legend of Korra would go fully digital, we were all a little apprehensive, but with the new footage for Platinum’s Legend of Korra game, we’re all geared up […]

Legend Of Korra 'Moving To Digital'

There was a touch of despair in the air when much-beloved cartoon Legend of Korra was taken off Nickelodeon’s airing schedule this week. Many feared the low ratings had caught up with the show and it would go the way of Firefly. Turns out if is being taken off the air, but going to a […]