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Nerd Icon – Julian Glover

In 2013 Julian Glover received a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday’s Honour’s List. I don’t think that’s enough. Julian Glover should be literally crowned King of All Nerdingom. With a career spanning five decades he’s a much love and respected actor. Instead of being associated with one character or series, he has left his mark […]

Nerd Icon: Hidetaka Miyazaki

So I really admire Hidetaka Miyazaki, the current president of From Software and creator of the Souls franchise. I don’t admire him for creating these games, though I do love them, but I admire him for his history, and how he got to where he is today. This is going to be the story of […]

Hedy Lamarr – Nerd Icon

Alrighty, so, something that really rustles my jimmies, and it’s something that I’ve been seeing more and more of in recent years, is when people are excluded from a group or subculture because of some part of who they are. It’s an issue that’s become glaringly obvious in most nerd subcultures. This is probably because they’ve […]

Brandon Sanderson – Nerd Icon

In a world of George R.R. Martins and Patrick Rothfusses it’s hard not to appreciate the quiet work-ethic of Brandon Sanderson. Fantasy fans have become accustomed to standing vigil for years, parched for the next drip of information about the next book from their favourite authors. A quick glance at Sanderson’s website shows immediately all […]

H.G. Wells – Nerd Icon

You’ll forgive, I hope, the ramblings of a recently completed English Lit student as he goes a little old school. Hebert George Wells, known by his preferred writing name H.G. Wells is a figure that has immeasurably impacted the world of literature, not least of all in the world of Science Fiction. While I hesitate to call […]

Icons of Inspiration: Noelle Stevenson

If you’re ever in need of a little motivation, Noelle Stevenson is who to turn to. Her whirlwind career started on tumblr with her ‘hipster Lord of the Rings’ fanart and has gone from strength to strength since, starting with Nimona. Nimona started life as a webcomic, an incredibly popular webcomic. Following the story of […]