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Nerd Icon: Stephen King

This is my first time writing a Nerd Icon and there was only one possible choice. And that’s my favourite writer, Stephen King. I mean, it was obvious that it’d be him considering how often I mention him both in The Arcade and in real life. Beginning, hard times and success Stephen Edwin King (16 letters […]

Nerd Hero – Kevin Smith

For this week’s Nerd Hero, I have chosen one of my own personal heroes: Kevin Smith. Not only do I admire him, but I have found him to be quite the inspiration. Due to his work with his friend Ralph Garman on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, I became a podcaster. Kevin is not only my Nerd Hero, but he […]

Nerd Hero – Matthew Mercer

For this week’s Nerd Hero, I have decided to talk about Matthew Mercer. Not just because I look up to him as a nerd icon, but because countless others would consider him in the same light. With his work and contribution to the geek-community in the last couple of years, he has amassed a large and loyal […]

Nerd Icon – Andy Serkis

I adore films. It is just an enthralling medium where I feel I can just lose myself for a couple of hours, fall in love with characters. But a good films don’t rely solely on good plots or well-detailed characters. Don’t get me wrong – those features are immensely important to get a film off […]

Howard Ashman – Nerd Icon

Howard Elliott Ashman, for me at least, is such a big name when it comes to Disney and the Disney Renaissance. If you’re a Disney lover, or even a fan of the Disney Renaissance, then you’ll know Ashman’s name straight off the bat, and you’ll more than likely team it up with Alan Menken. Those […]

Nerd Icon – Adam West

Last week we lost an icon of not only television or even nerd culture but of all modern culture itself. Adam West died aged 88 after being diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout his career he kept one of the world’s most famous comic book characters alive in our hearts and made us laugh out loud with […]

Nerd Icon- Edgar Wright

It’s time for Ian’s Nerd Icon! I noticed that my last two picks, H.G. Wells and Bela Lugosi, were rather ventage. Therefore, I thought I’d mix things up this week by choosing an icon who DIDN’T die years before I was born. As a writer and director, Edgar Wright ranks high among my favourite artists. Hot […]

The Vlogbrothers – Nerd Icon

Way back when everyday internet was still a toddler, a little known online video platform was just starting to get some traction; two brothers started sending self-made videos to each other as a way to keep in touch. Though short and simple, their videos started gaining more and more viewers from which the YouTube duo […]

Nerd Icon – David Warner

David Warner is one of my favourite actors. He has a refined yet intimidating voice which compliments his remarkable charisma. He has given his talents to many iconic TV and film franchises for over 50 years. You may not immediately know his name but his body of work is so immense and so diverse that […]

Nerd Icon – Satoshi Hino

Look, I’m sorry, but if you don’t know who Satoshi Hino is, then we just can’t be friends. However, if that’s the case then I’m here to educate you all today, so grab yourself some tea and gather ’round. Satoshi is a Japanese seiyuu (or voice actor), born in San Francisco in the late 70’s, but […]