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Need For Speed Payback Review

Writer: Nathan O’Connor After the flop that was NFS Online, can this year’s instalment of the Need for Speed franchise (NFS Payback) redeem the franchise, even though the last few entries have been steadily declining in quality? Let’s find out! Graphics: 2/5 This entire open world is so vast and diverse visually; you have dessert […]

Review: Need For Speed

Disclaimer: I’m not a big driving game guy. I haven’t played a proper racing game since Burnout Paradise so I’m not very experienced with recent Need For Speed titles, but that won’t stop me from being able to tell you that Ghost Games’ Need For Speed isn’t a very good game that suffers from a poor story, […]

Weekly Recap 07/06/2014

Well ladies and gentlemen its almost upon us, yes starting this Monday the biggest gaming conference of the year begins, E3. That means a lot of announcements and not a lot of sleep for me, but it’s nothing that a lot of coffee won’t sort. While all the big huge announcements are going to be […]

Need for Speed – The Movie

Fresh from prison, framed for a crime he didn’t commit, street racer Tobey Marshall (Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul), is hell bent on settling the score.  With revenge at the forefront of his mind, he gears up for the ultimate cross-country race heaving with adrenaline-charged muscle machines and high-octane super cars. When his powerful rival (Dominic […]

Review: Need For Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals is an incredibly fast and beautiful one trick pony, there I said it! Rivals is a simple concept – drive incredibly fast cars – win races – score points – drive faster cars. While it seems basic, Rivals pulls this off with incredible style, however, the “Cops and Racers” dynamic can […]