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Review: Love Live! The School Idol Movie

If you’re the type of person who pays attention to anime news, and if you’re reading this you probably are, you might be aware that several of the industry’s biggest names are unhappy with its current state. Schrodinger’s retiree Hayao Miyazaki has said that the industry is in decline and more recently Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno went […]

DC Animated Shorts by Mauricio Abril

Stumbling over Youtube we often get caught in chains of short films. It happens to everyone at some point or another. You start with one, then maybe that links to another, then your recommended viewing gets re-tailored to what you’ve been watching, then there are hundreds of suggestions to flick through and then you discover the day is half […]

Japan Really, Really Loves Love Live!

Japan is a country that wants to have it’s cake and eat it too. It somehow straddles so many seemingly disparate lines that, at times, it ‘s almost impossible to know which side of the line you should be on, or even which side you’re already on. Generally speaking, the internationally recognized image of the […]