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App Of The Week: Color Sheep

If fairy tales are to be believed , wolves are evil and we should fear them… and if Twilight is to be believed despite their hulking masses, werewolves are super boring and should be avoided at all costs. Thankfully there’s an app for that and a little sheep has come to our rescue to defend us from these […]

Cabals Creator Pushes Tabletop Kickstarter

Cabals creator Mika Rosendahl and developers Kyy Games are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to take the digital card/board game to your table! The campaign is less than halfway at their goal, but there are still 18 days left on the countdown. “The game takes place in an alternative universe, based in the 1930s, spiced with […]

Cartoon Network Launches new iOS Game

App Advice have just announced that Cartoon Network have unleashed a game available on iOS based on the popular animation The Regular Show. The game called  The Great Prank War Starts with the East Pines manager Gene wanting to be victorious in the epic prank war and take over the Regular Show’s park after he claims […]

App Review: Lab Panic and #PlayItForward

A classic  retro arcade game Sam the maintenance bot has been assigned to the liquid containment facility. His only job, contain the liquid.Sam spent most his days peacefully trickle charging on his charging station. He has often thought himself fortunate to have been assigned to the super secret chemical lab, or at least that’s what […]

Flappy Bird to return

That’s right, its coming back, the monster that destroyed lives and wiped out villages is returning with a vengeance.  The news came about when a fan asked if the game is coming back to the App store, and Don Nyguen (creator of Flappy Bird) replied with a simple “Yes. But not soon.” Now let me […]

Review: Plague Inc.

Mysophobic people and doomsday callers may want to stay away from this game, the Arcade on the other and myself in particular have always wondered what it would be like to take the world down! I check out Plague Inc. from Ndemic Creations and unleash my inner evil mastermind, but am I sick or just sick of the game? Find out here!