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Mean Girls Mobile Game Coming Soon: It's So Fetch!

In the not too distant future the Mean Girls mobile adventure game will be released, and you’ll be able to sabotage Regina George without the need to buy Swedish nutrition bars designed for weight gain. Game Designing company, Pocket Gems, is reportedly working with Paramount Pictures to develop the game,  according to The Hollywood Reporter. It […]

Top 5 Apps for Anime Fans

Anime is incredibly popular, not only in Japan, but all over the world. There is so much to anime and with its engaging storylines and relatable characters, it has made itself known to children as well as adults. While there are a lot of anime resources out there on the internet, keeping a tab on all […]

Top 5 Apps for Comic Fans

Having only been really introduced into the world of comics in the last year, I’ve only truly begun to appreciate them. The artwork, the storylines, the characters – what’s not to love? Well, maybe the space that gets taken up by the ever-growing collection of comics or the giant hole in my wallet. Unfortunately, my […]

Google and Android Releases Find My Phone Feature

Finally, an application comparable to the popular ‘Find My iPhone’ app available for Android devices. Google have recently added a handy new feature to make life that little bit easier. When you google the term ‘find my phone’, you’ll be able to call up your Android device which then shows where your phone is on a map. You […]

Five Mobile Apps that Every Blogger Should Have

Blogging and writing have always been about expressing yourself and your opinions on the internet. Smartphones such as iPhones and Androids are increasingly becoming the main means for communication, whether it be on the bus, sitting in a coffee shop, or just browsing during quiet time in work. With huge amounts of innovation spurring from advances in […]