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Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

After a surprise appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Tom Holland joined Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. When Sony entered into a partnership with Marvel, it came as a pleasant surprise to me, loosening their grip on the wall-crawler to ensure a wider shared cinematic universe. However, by all accounts it was a […]

Review: Spotlight

The beating heart of Spotlight‘s tragedy is one that will ring home to anyone familiar with Irish history. The original story, which ran in January 2002, was the tearing open of a systematic wound in which Catholic priests had both abused and knowingly covered up the abuse of children across the city of Boston. A […]

Review: Birdman

Last year, I wrote an article entailing the reasons as to why I believed that the movie Birdman would be a golden opportunity to cast a humorous, satirical eye on the superhero saturated market of Hollywood. By virtue of the actors that had been announced — I had wagered that the performances would be strong […]

First Teaser For Birdman Released

In the continuing trend of Mexican film-makers being awesome, Alejandro González Inámitu, the man behind 21 Grams, is about to release black comedy Birdman. Actual info on the film has been light up until now, but we finally have a first teaser, check it out! Starring Michael Keaton, Zach Galifinakis, Emma Stone, Edward Norton and […]