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Erik Kilmonger Cast In Black Panther

Comic-Con International: San Diego has been and gone and as usual we are getting news left right and centre. Everything from casting news to new trailers to some pretty insightful titbits. With still over 1 year until its realease there has been very little news surrounding the plot of the upcoming Marvel movie, Black Panther. With spoilers […]

Review: Fantastic Four

Before engaging in a review of Fantastic Four, a brief mention must be made of its troubled production. Director Josh Trank tweeted his frustrations that the final product was botched by interference from the studio Fox. Had Trank aired his opinions or not, it is clear from all the press detailing the numerous reshoots for this reboot that the there […]

First Creed Trailer Packs Real Punch

Another Rocky film is hardly something to get excited about – much less a spinoff. But this first trailer for Creed, the upcoming Michael B. Jordan-helmed sequel about Apollo Creed’s son entering the ring packs a dramatic right hook that really leaves a mark. Jordan is joined by co-star Tessa Thompson, who plays the singer […]

Fantastic Four 4 Containment Suits

Michael B. Jordan, who will be playing Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch has spoken a little more about those Fantastic Four suits that everyone is talking/giving out about – while we don’t get to see them…yet… Jordan did explain a little more in an interview with Good Morning America: “It’s a new look. We are […]