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New Death Stranding Trailer Released With A Familiar Actor

Hideo Kojima held a panel with several Japanese voice actors at Tokyo Game Show. Kojima revealed a new Death Stranding trailer onstage: トロイさんバージョン👍🦀😅🐟 pic.twitter.com/i8LVPhwMHb — 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) September 23, 2018 Some New Cast Members Announced Troy Baker was confirmed as voice and mo-cap of the man in the golden mask, a villain in-game. Tommie Earl Jenkins was also […]

Fan Remake Metal Gear Solid Intro

There has been a truly awesome remake of the Metal Gear Solid intro sequence, by Games Art Director Erasmus Brosdau. Having worked on games like Crysis, Ryse, Star Citizen and Origin Zero, Erasmus was inspired by the #metalgear31st campaign. The campaign was part of Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is vying to be in the director’s chair for the Metal Gear […]

The Best Is Yet To Come – Rika Muranaka

Metal Gear Solid was released 20 years ago today in Japan. Today’s track of the Day is the closing track of the game, titled ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’. Written and produced by Rika Muranaka, the song is sung in Irish by Aoife Ní Fhearraigh with a traditional Irish accompaniment: Metal Gear Solid was a huge success […]

Top 5 Baddest Females

This week saw the glorious celebration of International Women’s Day. A day used for celebrating the greatest accomplishments of the fairer sex. However, while we celebrate the fantastic achievements of real life female heroes, let us not forget the fictional ones that inspired some of us to achieve greater things. From the world of movies, […]

Minimalist Videogame Poster – Gallery

Video games are great, as is minimalism, and posters. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great in different ways. Video games are enjoyable over long periods of time, whereas minimalism is best in small doses. (You bet I’m trying to make the maximum amount of minimalism jokes I can.)  Posters too, amirite? If you plaster a wall […]