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Is Spider-Man Leaving The MCU?

If you’re a true believer like myself, you will have been overjoyed when Spider-Man finally joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War. But it seems that Spidey’s tenure in the MCU may not last as long as we all thought. As all fans of the friendly neighbourhood hero are aware, Sony Pictures […]

5 LGBT Characters We Want To See In The MCU

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of creating a shared universe, is the exciting possibility of exploring new and diverse characters. Whether it’s on ABC, Netflix or on the big screen, the fact that we have movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel  set to diversify the MCU even more over the coming years, wouldn’t it […]

MCU Scarlet Witch Could Be Magic After All

When Scarlet Witch was revealed as a new character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, she was far from the ‘traditional’ kind of magic being. There were mixed reactions to Marvel’s decision to change Scarlet Witch from an all powerful mutant-power-wiping sorceress (House of M) to your average out of […]

Wolverine 3 Wraps Filming In New Mexico

Filming for Wolverine 3, the newest film in the X-Men franchise, officially wrapped yesterday. Most of shooting took place in New Mexico during the summer. This will be the third instalment in the solo Wolverine series and it is the last time Hugh Jackman plays the titular character also. Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to thank the […]

New Doctor Strange Images

Marvel Studios are ramping up promotion of Doctor Strange. The movie is out in about three months, so we will see more of a press push in the coming months. Our two new images give us a taste of the digital effects for the magic and show off inception-like visuals. We here at The Arcade […]

Marvel Reveal Some Post-Civil War MCU Details

Civil War hasn’t even landed yet, and already fans, enthusiasts and journalists are taking advantage of the Captain America: Civil War press tour to find out whats still in store once Civil War is done. Directors of the Cap sequel, and directors of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War films, The Russo Brothers have been sharing tidbits […]

Gender-Swapped Avengers – Gallery

We’ve all got fantasy casting for comic book movies. It’s of the fun of these films! Tumblr user DIMILIS has made a very cool series of fantasy castings in which many of the major players for the MCU’s Avengers are gender-swapped. Each character has a new actor and poster attached to them, to demonstrate how […]