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Jeremy Renner Is Up For A Bourne/Cross Crossover

With news of the fifth Jason Bourne film confirmed for 2016, looking ahead at the sixth film in the franchise might be a little early. Yet in a press interview with Screenrant.com, Jeremy Renner has stated his willingness to return to the role of Aaron Cross and his world of government espionage and assassination. When asked about collaborating with […]

Tommy Lee Jones Joins Bourne Franchise

Variety reports that Tommy Lee Jones will join the cast of the next film in the long-running Bourne franchise. Jones is set to act opposite Matt Damon, with Paul Greengrass as director and Christopher Rouse as screen writer. Details of the script are yet to be revealed but, according to Justin Kroll, “Sources say Jones […]

Fifth Bourne Film Confirmed For 2016

You know when you wake up in the morning and you realize there just haven’t been enough Jason Bourne movies? Well, for those of us waiting to see if the Greengrass and Damon magic could be revived, fret no longer, as Jason Bourne is confirmed to return to the big screen in what will be the 5th installment of the […]

Rewind Review: The Good Shepherd

Early next year will see the release of Hands of Stone (2015), a new film with Robert De Niro. In recent years De Niro has featured more and more as an actor in a supporting role and this seems to be no exception. However, a few years previous De Niro, a man synonymous with acting, decided […]