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Reread: Silver Surfer: Requiem

Hello and welcome to another installment of ‘Rewind/Reread/Replay’ where we bring you a look back at some of the best in video games, cartoons, movies and comics. For this installment I’ve decided we’re going to go take a look back at Marvel’s Silver Surfer: Requiem, a four issue limited series from waaaaay back in 2007, […]

Attack on Titan crossover with Marvel

Now there is a concept I can sink my teeth into. Two of the worlds biggest adaptations that no one thought would or could become a crossover is happening. According to an announcement on Twitter from C.B. Cebulski a Marvel talent scout that the Attack on Titan Manga would be having a crossover with Marvel […]

Wesley Snipes to return as Blade?

Earlier last month there was word from Wesley Snipes saying he’d like to reprise his role as Marvel’s most popular Vampire hunter Blade. Now the New York Daily News is reporting that Snipes has signed a 3 million dollar deal with Marvel for a fourth instalment of the Blade franchise. Details are very scarce at […]