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Thanos Is Coming To Fortnite

Update 11:36am   Epic Games have announced a limited time mashup with Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War. The mad titan Thanos will be playable in the hugely popular Fornite. Players will have to find and collect the Infinity Gauntlet, which will allow one player to become Thanos. Players will be able to wield the powers of […]

Ubisoft Announces Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered

Ubisoft have announced a remastered version of Rocksmith 2014 Edition. Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered is an updated and improved version of Rocksmith 2014 Edition and will be available this autumn. The information drops via a press release from Ubisoft. “The remastered edition can be purchased digitally for new users and it will be available for current owners as […]

MAC To Release Star Trek Makeup

Calling all Trekkies! In honour of Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, MAC is launching a limited Star Trek themed makeup collection. I know, give us one minute to recollect ourselves. The line will be inspired by the badass women (humans or not) like Seven Of Nine and Uhura. The 25-piece collection will include eyeshadow, lipstick, nail […]

Style Saturday: Sherlocked

If a special episode of Sherlock isn’t a great way to start the year, I really don’t know what is. And to celebrate, well, we can’t celebrate the series being back just YET, but we’ll get there! For now we can just rewatch the existing ones for the upteenth time and ogle at some of […]