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Warner Bros Are Developing Original Series For BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL are getting their own original series! Warner Bros’ digital studio Blue Ribbon Content and Japan’s Amuse Inc’s subsidiary, Amuse USA, are joining together to bring this animated adventure to life! The show is currently in development, and will be a hybrid of both animation and live action. BABYMETAL‘s manager and creator Key Kobayashi, also known as KOBAMETAL, will be […]

Willem Dafoe Cast In Netflix Death Note

Willem Dafoe has been cast in Netlfix’s upcoming Death Note film. He will voice the character of Ryuk, the apple-loving Shinigami (God of Death). Ryuk plays a vital role in the story’s main plot. Netflix’s Death Note is based off of the immensely popular manga series of the same name. The series has already spawned an anime series, a live […]

Live-Action Sword Art Online Series In Development

Skydance television have obtained the rights for the popular Sword Art Online series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Skydance teamed up with the Kadowawa Corp in order to bring the series to television. This series is the first Sword Art Online live-action television series. Laeta Kalogridis will write the script. She is responsible for other popular films such as Avatar and Terminator: […]