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Alien: Covenant Will Feature Same-Sex Couple

Demian Bichir has explained his Alien: Covenant character will be in a same-sex relationship with another crew member. Bichir who plays Sergeant Lope will be onboard the ship with his partner Hallett portrayed by Nathaniel Dean. This will mark the first appearance of a same-sex couple in the Alien franchise. Bad-ass Soldiers Bichir highlighted that despite the relationship, ‘Before […]

5 LGBT Characters We Want To See In The MCU

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of creating a shared universe, is the exciting possibility of exploring new and diverse characters. Whether it’s on ABC, Netflix or on the big screen, the fact that we have movies like Black Panther and Captain Marvel  set to diversify the MCU even more over the coming years, wouldn’t it […]

Star Trek’s Sulu Comes Out

Helmsman Hikaru Sulu later Captain Sulu and more commonly referred to as Mr. Sulu has or rather will come out as a gay man in the next film. Star Trek’s Sulu first appeared in the pilot episode of the original series. Oh My! Writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung confirmed their decision to have Sulu […]

Pokémon Wedding – Gallery

If you think you’ve found the cutest thing on the internet today then think again! Reddit user, grasshopper7891 has shared pictures from his recent Pokémon wedding and they are absolutely adorable! Matching pokéball bow ties, bridesmaid dresses and even a pokéball inspired cake to boot, the wedding was every trainer’s dream. The couple also gave their guests […]