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Metal Gear Solid Sniper Wolf Bishoujo Figure

Kotobukiya are preparing to add and release Metal Gear’s Sniper Wolf to their roster of Bishoujo statues. Sniper Wolf, a member of the renegade Fox Hound pitched herself in battle against Snake she receives the ‘pretty girl’ and stylised Kotobukiya in this figure based on art by character creator and illusrtationist, Shunya Yamashita. To add just […]

Guillermo Del Toro Swears Off Video Games

With the recent cancellation of Silent Hills and the Kojima vs. Konami controversy, many fans have been wondering what Guillermo del Toro‘s thoughts are on the matter. The famed director has worked on the cancelled title, Insane, at THQ and recently worked with Kojima to create Silent Hills before the project was pulled by Konami. With […]