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Kingdom Hearts 2.8 E3 Trailer Released

It’s the news all Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting for… No, it’s not KH3. It’s Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and yes, we recognise that the naming on these games might be getting out of hand. The new game set to bring the Kingdom Hearts franchise to PS4 for the first time bundles a new HD version […]

Boss Rush: Organization XIII

No matter what level of gamer you are you know that, in gaming, there is always that one boss or that one fight that made us grit our teeth, scream, shout and nearly whack our screens with the controller. Now, imagine thirteen of them in one game series. The Kingdom Hearts series has some stand […]

Top 5 Video Game Bromances

Ah, the bromance. That vaguely homoerotic relationship between two men that breaks the walls of mere friendship and flourishes into something bigger and more beautiful and also subsequently creates some of the creepiest fanships and fictions I have ever seen. Bromances have spread from books to film to cinema to, of course, video games and […]