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Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea Covers ‘Sorry’

The other week, we ran our weekly feature Ewtube as an ode to alternative Justin Bieber covers. However, when we ran the piece it was apparently a case of bad timing as the Brown Eyed Girls founder and vocal powerhouse Jea has just uploaded a live acoustic cover of her own. The Arcade wishes to apologise for our […]

K-Culture In Ireland Needs Your Help

We have potentially very exciting news to announce for fans of K-culture in Ireland! There is talk of a potential business opening for the first time in Ireland which will involve Kpop, K-culture, J-culture and other branches of Asian culture and music. Please spare a few minutes to check out this survey for general Kpop […]

K-Pop Track of the Day: Taeyeon – ‘I’

Today’s track of the day comes from the leader of the super popular group Girl’s Generation: Taeyeon! This beautiful track, penned by the singer herself is called ‘I’ and features rapper Verbal Jint. The music video for ‘I’ was filmed in Auckland, New Zealand, and shows some beautiful scenes of the New Zealand landscape. These glorious scenes match the […]