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Mad Musicals You Can Watch On YouTube

It won’t be a surprise if a lot of you have never heard of any of the following quirky productions but if you’re a fan of alternative musicals (and Joss Whedon’s musical taste!) well then maybe you’ll enjoy at least one or two of them. A Very Potter Musical Remember Glee? Remember Kurt’s love interest […]

Review: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

When The Avengers hit theaters in 2012, no-one quite believed it was real until the end credits ran and it was confirmed: Marvel had done it, they’d created a living cinematic world in which these comic book heroes exist both on their own and together, in an inter-connected universe that occasionally requires them all to […]

Character Profile: The Avengers

Yes all of them! No not really! However with Avengers: Age of Ultron fast approaching our cinema screens we’re dedicating this month’s character profile as well as other articles and pieces this month to one of our favourite teams kicking off with this month’s ‘Character Profile’! The Avengers was first published in 1963, issue #1 […]