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Fantastic Four Producer Wants A Sequel

Almost everyone will agree that Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four was an utter disaster for everyone concerned. And that’s being kind. Amazingly though, Simon Kinberg, producer and co-writer of the decade’s most catastrophic failure still wants to make a sequel. Speaking to Den of Geek about it, Kinberg who has enjoyed much success with the X-Men franchise simply […]

Review: Fantastic Four

Before engaging in a review of Fantastic Four, a brief mention must be made of its troubled production. Director Josh Trank tweeted his frustrations that the final product was botched by interference from the studio Fox. Had Trank aired his opinions or not, it is clear from all the press detailing the numerous reshoots for this reboot that the there […]

Josh Trank And Star Wars Part Ways

The director of the second Star Wars stand-alone anthology film, Josh Trank, has parted ways with Lucasfilm and Disney and will no longer be taking part in the project. In a press release from Lucasfilm, it is said that the separation was Trank’s decision and entirely his choice. The Chronicle director stated, “After a year […]