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The Vlogbrothers – Nerd Icon

Way back when everyday internet was still a toddler, a little known online video platform was just starting to get some traction; two brothers started sending self-made videos to each other as a way to keep in touch. Though short and simple, their videos started gaining more and more viewers from which the YouTube duo […]

Review: Paper Towns

This film has been one of those where you see the preview and have the unfortunate inkling that you may have just seen the entire movie in those few seconds. That being said, how can I begin a review of a film that everyone has seen yet not seen? Let’s start off with the original story. Paper […]

Review: The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

In the world of Young Adult fiction, success tends to breed success. Literary best-sellers Twilight and Harry Potter turned into box-office smash hits almost instantaneously, taking both the movie and books to dizzying amounts of profit. The Fault in Our Stars, the fourth book penned by author and Youtube vlogger John Green and adapted for […]