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Halloween Kills Teaser Is Unleashed

A direct sequel to 2018’s soft reboot, Halloween, Halloween Kills continues the events of the previous entry. After Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) survived the initial killing spree in Halloween (1978), she become an introvert by 2018’s Halloween, patiently waiting for the day Michael Myers would return. Training for years for their inevitable confrontation, Laurie […]

Music Monday: Hotline Hype

Hotline Miami was my gateway drug into the neon-soaked sound of synthwave and synthpop. Its mix of fast-paced electro with sinister tracks filled with dread-ridden beats gave me just a taste of what I now consider one of my favourite genres. It’s eclectic nature can lend itself incredibly well to film genres ranging from slasher flicks, […]

Escape From New York Remake

Well, there you have it. Fox have reportedly won the bidding rights to Escape from New York so you just know that a remake is coming one way or another. Although it’s now in the hands of Fox, John Carpenter is being linked as executive producer on the project. Good news for fans of the […]