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Jet Set Radio Available For Download On Xbox One

Sega’s cult classic, Jet Set Radio, has been made compatible with Xbox One. Originally released for the Dreamcast, the game is now available for download on various platforms, now including the Xbox One. As good an excuse as any to start tagging Tokyoto in rocket skates while listening to a pirate radio station again! The GGs need […]

Music Monday 6/10/14

For this Music Monday I decided to dive into my game collection and pick out some of the best soundtracks gaming has to offer. This list isn’t even a fraction of the soundtracks I could enthuse about (you’ll note there’s no Final Fantasy on here and that’s purely because I couldn’t pick just one). There […]

Music Monday 7/7/14

This is actually my third draft of a Music Monday for the site so far. Initially I thought “The weather’s lovely, let’s do a list of summery punk tunes”, then Naomi went and did just that. So I thought “Okay, I’ll do a list of all the new metal I’ve discovered over the past year” […]

JETSETRADIO – Shadows (Official Video)

It’s right here and it’s flippin’ glorious! The official video for JETSETRADIO’s ‘Shadows’ has been launched and already causing some stirs online! With an infectious beat, magnificent colours, it could only be a JSR video! Click here and see for yourself now!   Declan DoodyEditor-in-Chief, part-time super villain and hoarder of cats. If you can’t […]

Band Profile: Jet Set Radio

Dublin based electro pop rock band, Jet Set Radio are quickly taking over the music scene in Ireland, with their last gig just behind them, the band are now setting in motion plans to record. We take a look at their success so far and examine the music that is conquering the Irish sound.