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Rob Letterman To Direct Dungeons and Dragons Movie

After a disastrous box office performance in 2000 (at least Jeremy Irons was enjoying himself), another film adaptation of Dungeon and Dragons has been less than forthcoming. Luckily, however, Variety reports that Rob Letterman has stepped up to the challenge to direct the film with Warner Bros. Appointing Letterman has only come recently after an extensive legal battle between Warner […]

Alfred Pennyworth May Get His Own Series

In a rather interesting move, DC Entertainment has recently registered a trademark in the name Pennyworth, hinting at the possibility of a new TV Series for Batman’s most loyal friend. As it stands, there are currently two live-action incarnations of Bruce Wayne’s butler, namely Jeremy Irons‘ Alfred to feature in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice […]

Screen Savers: Eragon

Welcome to Screen Savers, your favourite segment that plunges right in to the depths of all those dodgy films that plague our existence, in the hopes of sparing you those precious minutes you could have wasted. Today, we delve into a phenomenon that generally can be hit and miss. The phenomenon of the book to movie […]