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First Image Of Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji Character Released

Dwayne Johnson recently released an image of his character in the upcoming Jumanji sequel. The character, named Spencer aka The Smouldering Dr. Bravestone, is wearing stereotypical explorer garb. Johnson remarked with his usual enthusiasm: “This is gonna be fun.. Me, @kevinhart4real, Jack Black, @NickJonas and the Ginger Assassin @karengillanofficial can’t wait to “play the game that […]

Rob Letterman To Direct Dungeons and Dragons Movie

After a disastrous box office performance in 2000 (at least Jeremy Irons was enjoying himself), another film adaptation of Dungeon and Dragons has been less than forthcoming. Luckily, however, Variety reports that Rob Letterman has stepped up to the challenge to direct the film with Warner Bros. Appointing Letterman has only come recently after an extensive legal battle between Warner […]

Jack Black Stars In New Goosebumps Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Rob Letterman‘s Goosebumps movie. The movie is based around the Goosebumps children’s horror books written by R.L. Stine. Jack Black plays a fictional version of Stine in the movie which sees many of the monsters from his books come to life. He must then team up with his daughter and a teenage […]

Kung Fu Panda 3 Official Trailer #1 Released

After the release of the Chinese teaser trailer for Kung Fu Panda 3 we were all intrigued. Now the official trailer has been released and fans of the franchise can start getting hyped for the upcoming movie. We see the hilarious Po (voiced by Jack Black) and the Furious Five (Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Seth Rogan and David Cross) training hard, along […]

Kung Fu Panda 3 Teaser Trailer Released

Last week, images of Kung Fu Panda 3 surfaced, and yesterday the teaser trailer followed suit. However, it was the Chinese teaser trailer that was released. Even though we can’t understand what’s being said, at least we can get a good idea of what the film will look like! In the movie, loveable panda and familiar star of the franchise, […]

At A Glance: Broken Age: Act 1

Welcome to “At a Glance” where first impressions of a title mean everything! This week I look at the first act of the Double Fine adventure Kickstarter game Broken Age. So without delay, maiden sacrifices, space adventures and others, I present to you Broken Age: Act One. Ciaran Nolan