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Captain America: Civil War Review

With Captain America: Civil War, what Marvel started way back in 2008 with Iron Man, and going back even further to 2006 with their SDCC panel hinting at an Avengers team-up movie, has finally come to full fruition. Though not quite as loaded with outright fun as 2012’s The Avengers, Civil War is the payoff […]

High Fantasy Avengers – Gallery

I was trawling through DeviantArt a couple of days ago (and silently crying at the talent of my peers) when I came across these amazing high fantasy inspired Avengers paintings. They were inspired by an artist called Kekai Kotaki and drawn by Daniel Kamarudin, otherwise known by his DeviantArt name theDURRRRIAN. Check out the awesome […]

Deadpool Overtakes Iron Man In Global Earnings

Over the past month, the brilliantly satirical superhero-comedy Deadpool, has seen immense box office success and is showing no signs of slowing down. Boasting a national sum of $331,921,059, Deadpool has official outdone Iron Man’s $318,412,101 and is well on its way to overtaking the earnings of Guardians of the Galaxy at $333,176,600. This success is extremely significant, […]

Top 3 – Iron Man Trailers

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), playboy, philanthropist, billionaire and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s inventor supreme. Creating an advanced armour to escape his Afghanistan prison, Stark paved the way for all the MCU movies that would soon follow. Saving the world more than a handful of times, from the Ten Rings, Alien Invasions, the “Mandarin” and […]

#TeamIronMan – Tony Stark – Civil War Dossier

Who Is Iron Man? Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is the CEO of Stark Industries, the world leading expert of weapon  creation & distribution. During a kidnap attempt in Afghanistan,Stark suffers a serious injury, resulting in shrapnel getting lodged in his chest. Trapped and imprisoned, his captors, pawns of terrorist organisation the Ten Rings force Stark […]

Iron Man Theme – Mark II – Track of the Day

Featuring on the Iron Man Original Soundtrack, the Iron Man theme: Mark II has somewhat of an industrial feel. With the clever uses of drums and shakers that create the effect of hammers and drills in a working environment. Simplistic in it’s orchestration, the blend of electronic chords with the swell of the brass instruments makes this Iron-Man […]